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Notes on How to Create a Good Profile and Start Working

Article #3: Notes on How to Create a Good Profile and Start Working

Notes on How to Create a Good Profile and Start Working

It is not a secret that a lot of people nowadays find work through online job searching services. Why? People see a lot of advantages of using such services. First of all, it enables them to build their own schedule and look for a job all over the world. But you should take an effort and ensure your would-be employers that you are really professional and can cope with the task given. The employers don't know you yet and they don't know whether they can trust you. You have a chance to inform about your professional skills creating a good profile on the site.

A good profile means sharing basic information about an employee, providing and proving your professional skills. It is very important to put down true information and evaluate your skills and experience clean handed. It is very good if you have any experience, especially if you are an artist, a computer programmer, a Web-designer, a musician or any other professional where visual and audio effects are crucial. If you were not hired before, you definitely have lots of samples and drawings you created for your friends or just for pleasure. Everything that you (and at least a few of your friends) think is the best of everything you have created.

It is also very important to be fair with yourself and so with your would-be employers. Never cheat when creating your portfolio as it can cause trouble in future.

Cute avatars are also very important - they create the mood of your profile. So it is not a good idea to put your favorite character of "Walking Dead" or there. You can do it anywhere else - employers may don't get your jokes or preferences in computer games. When you start working online, you should be serious and show your style at the same time. It may seem difficult but you are a professional - do you best! A piece of advice - your photo at your working place is always good.

And one more thing - be passionate and patient. When you have your profile finished and download the best of your works into a portfolio, it doesn't mean that you will be loaded with work within half an hour. Maybe, you will have to wait for your first project for more than a month, that's why you need patience - this is just the period for you to improve your skills and keep on creating your portfolio. Be passionate and keep on looking for what you want. There is also an opportunity for you to use paid services the site suggests if you wants to - it bolsters your opportunities to be chosen by employers.

Good luck!

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