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How to take pleasure in work?

Article #10: How to take pleasure in work?

How to take pleasure in work?

How to find in any job only the best?

Even the most boring business can bring more pleasure if you try to concentrate only on the positive moments. After all, for certain such moments are almost in every job. Write the list of the main arguments in favor of your nowadays work. For example, "it does me independent, I can buy food and clothes to myself and to pay for the apartment", "it provides me with a certain social status", etc. In that way, you consciously replace negative things with positive thoughts.

If you are not satisfied with the working process, use all your wit and inventiveness to make it a source of positive emotions. You can mentally challenge your colleagues to competition "who is faster." At the end of a certain stage, you declare yourself a winner and arrange your own tea drinking or a short pleasant walk.

Relax and remember the first days of your presence at this work. Most likely, right at the beginning it did not seem to you so boring and monotonous. Remember in details as you were glad and a little bit worried in the first working day; in what you were dressed, as looked from outside, that felt and what you have seen around. Go through pleasant minutes of the past, without any comparing it to the present. For certain it will give you a charge of a good spirit and mood.

Look to yourself attentively. How you get dressed and behave at work? Would you like to work with such person? Everywhere, except professionalism, appreciate friendliness, cheerfulness and unwillingness of the person to gossip. Try to treat the work as a place where there are a lot of interesting and exciting things. After all, it is possible to derive pleasure from the mass of things here, such as informal communication with colleagues, an exchange by jokes with the chief, intercourse with interesting clients. Try to change your behavior and even, probably, the way you dressed.

Many people are convinced that at work it is impossible to trust colleagues and it is better don't maintain friendly relations with anybody. Remember that such estrangement could push away your fellow workers. They could take your stand-off as a negative attitude, and it won't make you happier. Even if the person considers himself independent of other people's opinion, it can nevertheless influence even the most insensible one. Whatever you do, feel yourself as the member of one whole team. In collective you can gain confidence of the professionalism, find friends or at least buddies with whom you will always find something to talk about and get support in difficult minutes.

Having learned how to get a positive attitude to the work, remember that it will surely pay you back. After all, professional and career growth is possible only in those people who derive pleasure from the process of work. Remember the well-known saying: the one is happy who is pleased both when goes to work and when comes back home.

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