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How to communicate with the recruiter and the employer

Article #13: How to communicate with the recruiter and the employer

How to communicate with the recruiter and the employer

Often, during job's applying, the candidate has interview in recruitment agency and then in the company itself. The recruitment agency is the secondary organization. It often cannot provide full information concerning the company.

To feel the atmosphere and a psychological situation of future place of your work you will be able only having visited there. In the company you get answers the questions relating to various aspects of the job. For example: what rind of management style is in the organization, what interactions are between the employees, what clothes style is more preferable, how tight schedule of work is, how they celebrate holidays and so forth.

On the other hand, the recruitment agency has a large number of suggestions. Therefore, if for some reason you don't suit the chosen vacancy, there are lots of chances that you will be offered another. In this sense, communication with agent of recruitment company may be more useful and promising.

Interview in staffing agency usually goes according to the particular technology. The recruiter has drawing up plan of conversation and the main prepared questions. In the organization the head of your future company can talk to you. Most likely, he will speak directly about the forthcoming work and discuss more specific subjects. You can ask the employer and the recruiter identical questions, the main thing that they were appropriate. You should make a list of questions about the tasks, purposes of the company, and capabilities that it can give to the employee. Such information will be able to provide both Recruitment Agency and the representative of the company where you want to work. The main aim of the employer is to find the person who would stay at his company for a long time. Therefore, the good company is interested in telling about itself as much as possible.

You can ask about reputation of firm the agent of Recruitment Company, learn his opinion about it and what can be expected from it in future. He will always share this opinion because it is interested in giving the correct idea of a place of your future work. According to the results of the conversation staffing company will write short characteristic of the candidate. It should include the results of interviews and highlights those features, which can attract attention of the future leader of the applicant. For example, hobbies, place of residence, marital status. The employer takes into account this characteristic at decision-making, whether to take the employee for work, and also by preparation of questions for the second interview.

It shouldn't be essential distinctions in behavior in agency and on future place of work. Anyway you need to find a common language with the interlocutor. There are some simple tips which could be useful to you: don't worry, be self-assured and open for communication and cooperation. The most important is to think about what you say and listen carefully asked questions in order not to lose a topic of conversation.

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