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Elevator Installers And Repairers
$40.93 per hour 30 Nov 2016
is for Adult Basic Education students and others who want to explore careers, set goals, get training, or learn more to advance their careers. Continuing Education Career and Technical Education GPS LifePlan helps students set goals a...
Elevator Technician / Elevator Tech Apprentice
Elevator Technician Recruiter

Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

19 Feb 2017
He or she usually specializes in one of these jobs and may be called an elevator installer, repairer or constructor. Educational Requirements. Preparing for this occupation involves completing...
Atlanta Based, Part-time Bilingual Administrative Coordinator For Small International Ngo
IDEAS: Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance and Solutions

Decatur, Georgia, US

19 Feb 2017
Office is on third floor without an elevator. Job is up to 20 hours week with flexible hours... TecAp has trained a second set of microfranchisees who are youth installers and repairers of solar and...